Services Provided

Orchard Management

Before acquired a durian orchard land, there are few considerations to be factored in the acquisition i.e. Water supply, Tree condition, Water piping, Manpower planning, Land condition, etc. These require experts with more than 10 years experience in durian industry to identify the root problems of each land. Once identified, 1SDM will adopt a range of system and solution to resolve the deficiencies.

1SDM definitely has the expertise and technology to manage the orchard and outperform our competitors. 1SDM will also guarantee acquire all the fruits from orchard hence owners have no worried over sales. 1SDM market and sale the products via website, online platform, retail, wholesale and ultimately export market.


1SDM has ventured into seeds plantation to accommodate demand from industry players globally. This has open up a new revenue stream to the company and we are confident this will further strengthen our financial position.

Durian Processing

1SDM will receive orders from customers according to their requirements. We will educate and persuade them over appropriate packaging required for export criteria. Any mismatch will result in goods returned. Hence 1SDM has the core competence over competitors on transportation requirements to fulfil orders.

1SDM fruit processing inclusive of the following:

  1. Vacuum Packaging
  2. Normal Packaging
  3. Fruitlet Packaging (400g)
  4. Fruit Paste Packaging (2kg)

Durian Distributor

What reason the surge of price of Musang King (MSK) in domestic market?

  • Apart from China’s demand, the demand for MSK in Singapore and Hong Kong also significantly contribute to the MSK’s price surge. Overall, the production of MSK in Malaysia is far from enough for the supply market.
  • 1SDM manages to penetrate the Chinese market by exporting fresh MSK to Hong Kong and Singapore – one of our core competence on doing so.


During durian harvesting peak season, 1SDM will arrange amount of durians for blast and next input to storage. This is to accommodate for lower quantity of durians during peak season. This step is to ensure there will be enough durian supply for durian lovers even during low harvest season.

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